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Paul Woolnough

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Visionary - Disruptive - Entrepreneurial


Paul Woolnough Entrepreneur

PAUL WOOLNOUGH is a visionary brand innovator and serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of executive management, business development and global operational experience. Paul creates, builds, and develops disrupter brands and organizations from concept to launch and beyond, overseeing brand creation and strategy, operational management, business development, team building and investor relations.

Starting a business is much more involved than most people realize, and most entrepreneurs and their businesses fail to achieve their potential.  This is part of being an entrepreneur, and we have heard the line "you have to fail to learn from your mistakes", and that is true for all entrepreneurs. 

However you can minimize the risk by learning from other peoples mistakes, listening to warning signs, following your gut reaction, and learning that you are not alone.

You can take risks and follow your dreams and I enjoy working with, and empowering entrepreneurs so they become fearless, not foolish.

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